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Kurt grew up on the modest beaches of Galveston, Texas, avidly surfing, fishing, lifeguarding…but not diving.  After earning degrees in molecular and marine biology at the University of Texas he was admitted to the University of Hawaii for grad school and ventured there for the first time in his life.  He took full advantage of the playground there, becoming only more passionate about surfing, and for several years racing triathlons competitively.  Fishing was still an interest, and on learning that in such clear water fish could be pursued underwater he discovered the popular pastime of spearfishing.


As with all his other athletic pursuits, Kurt became as serious about diving as a pro, quickly earning the attention of the local dive community from deep spearfishing and underwater photography.  Over the last several years he has won in many local spearfishing tournaments, and has begun to compete internationally.  From his success Kurt earned the sponsorship of respected Italian dive manufacturers OMER, Sporasub and C4.


After being a routine podium finisher in the triathlons, Kurt naturally became interested in the competitive side of freediving, participating in his first comp in 2008.  By winning the annual Kona comp in 2010 he earned the title of 'U.S. Men's Freediving Champion' that year.  2013 - 2014 has been a period of greater dedication to training, with terrific results such as improving to a personal best depth of 101m/333' (variable weight), free immersion to 88m/288', constant weight to 82m/269' (with bi-fins), and winning the 2014 Kona comp.


Since his life seems to revolve so much around diving, Kurt has made it his occupation.  For the last three years he has offered freediving instruction throughout Hawai'i, having trained over 500 students now.  As with all other instructors and schools, he emphasizes safety and is slowly increasing the awareness of how to avoid having accidents in freediving.  He is also trying to make the freediving courses more accessible by making them more affordable and offering them on all the Hawaiian Islands.  Teaching courses so frequently has undoubtedly benefited Kurt's recent progress in diving by keeping him in the water several days a week.

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