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Kerry Hollowell


Kerry is a NC native, born in Edenton who grew up sailing on the dark waters of the Albemarle Sound.  She always wished to explore the rich blue waters of the NC coast and in 2008 she made that dream a reality.  Kerry started her underwater career with scuba but after one short year she shed her tanks and became completely enraptured with freediving.

A lifelong athlete, Kerry was quickly drawn to the competitive side of freediving.  With the instruction of three time world record holder Ashley Futrel Chapman and Ashley's husband Ren, Kerry honed her abilities and pushed her limits until she became the AIDA top ranked female in the US for 2013.  She managed to do this while working on her second medical residency and balancing a full family life.

Kerry has competed in Cayman, Roatan and Curacao, with impressive performances in all disciplines.  She has posted times over 5 min and 30 seconds for her static breath hold, depths over 60m and dynamics pushing the national record of 160 meters.

Kerry brings a wealth of medical knowledge to freediving with which she intends to make the sport even safer than it already is.  The tragic loss of her friend and fellow freediver Nic Mevoli inspired her, along with partner Steve Benson to become involved with improving the safety of freediving competitions.  Together, and with the help of many others in the freediving and medical comunity, they are developing an advanced training program to teach Advanced Cardiac Life Support skills tailored to competitive freediving scenarios.  Kerry is an amazing diver, step-mom, friend and fierce competitor but she puts safety and the freediving community first.  In typical selfless fassion, in her last competition Kerry gave up her spot as competitor to assume the role of competition physician when circumstance led to the loss of the competition doctor.  You can look to see Kerry breaking records and making this sport safer in the future.




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