Claire was born in Carcassonne, southern France, and spent most of her childhood on the Atlantic coast, between Bordeaux and Dakar, Senegal, where the longest beaches of the world harbor the most productive fishing grounds. Claire has always been close to nature and especially to the sea.  As a kid, she found peace swimming underwater laps at her childhood home in Bordeaux.  She was drawn by the magic and beauty of the aquatic realm and has dedicated her life to the exploration and conservation of the Oceans.


In her teenage years she was into surfing big waves and windsurfing, and published her first scientific report on the Atlantic sailfish, already having a clear vision of current conservation issues.  When she moved to the USA to pursue a doctorate in coastal oceanography she met her soul mate, Ricardo. They became the proud parents of Etienne and Jehane-Marie, raised them in Miami and saw them reach successful careers.


Claire is very driven in her research as she is in freediving.  She is now Associate Professor in Ocean Sciences at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of marine and Atmospheric Science, one of the leading academic oceanographic research institutions in the world.  Claire's Physical-Biological Interactions Laboratory focuses on dispersion at sea, and on the migration of the early pelagic larval phase of marine organisms, which are the very foundation of marine populations and ecosystems.


She took her first freediving course when Ricardo signed them up for her 50th birthday. Ricardo became a PFI freediving instructor and has helped Claire “explore her potential”. She recently took 3rd place in Deja Blue V. Her focus and ability will serve the team well.  Her favorite discipline is CNF (constant-weight no fins) due to it’s simplicity. She loves to explore and study her natural surroundings, and freediving lets her blend in with marine life and feel one with the water.


“I am honored and excited to be part of Team USA for the World Championships in Sardinia!“


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