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Team Selection Process

Eight Americans: Three female athletes with one female alternate • Three male athletes with one male alternate will be representing the United States in the AIDA Freediving Team World Championships.


The United States will be sending a team consisting of three male and three female athletes plus an alternate male and alternate female who will only compete if one of the six competitors must drop out of competition due to illness or injury.


The selection of athletes to the team was based on performances in AIDA ranking list competitions. Only current performances between January 2013 and June 2014 were considered.


The selection process for Team Worlds in 2014 is based on performances in three freediving disciplines (Constant Weight, Static, and Dynamic Apnea with Fins).  Only the athletes with the top scores were offered a position on the team.

2014 World Team Championships

Freediving tests an athlete’s ability to perform underwater – swimming as deep as humanly possible in the ocean and pushing the boundaries of breath-hold in the pool. Team USA members can hold their breath for more than seven minutes, kick down the distance of a thirty-story skyscraper on a single breath of air and withstand up to ten atmospheres of pressure on their bodies at depth.


U.S. freedivers continue to break national records and have even set multiple world records. Americans have helped redefine what humans can do in the water.


We need you to share the dream: to get the team, that will proudly represent the United States of America, to the 2014 World Championships. On the world stage, Team USA will go all-out in the quest to return home with medals on their chests.


But the U.S. won’t be able to send a team to the World Championships without your help. To support the 2014 Team USA, please consider making a contribution to help offset the cost of preparing our best athletes and sending them halfway around the world. The only way Americans will be kicking down to 300 feet in the ocean is with your support.


How the competition works - Each country sends its top 6 athletes, 3 men and 3 women.  One men's team one women's team.  Points are gained by each competitor in each of 3 disciplines, Constant Weight, Dynamic and Static.  In constant weight the athlete attempts to dive as deep as possible on a single breath, swimming down and swimming back up without dropping any weight.  Points are given for each meter of depth.  Dynamic competitors attempt to swim the furthest in the pool under water with one breath.  Points are given for each meter of distance.  In static apnea the athlete holds her breath for as long as possible while relaxing face down in the pool.  Points are given for time.  All points for each discipline are added together for all 3 athletes to give a team score.  The team with the most points gets the gold.




September 16 - 27, 2014 • Cagliari, Sardinia Italy


Help Us Bring Home the Gold.

The US Freediving Team requests your support to help us compete in the 2014 World Championships. This year, our team includes eight athletes with outstanding freediving resumes, whose goals are not only to medal, but to set new world records.


The US Freediving Team is comprised of United States Apnea Association (USAA) member athletes from across the country, offering sponsors wide opportunities for exposure, both within the US and internationally.


We are very excited about our team this year, and we need your help to achieve our goals. Please click below to view our sponsorship opportunities, and thank you for supporting Team USA!




2014 US Freediving Team  Pictures


Contribute to the Cause

The United States Apnea Association (USAA) is a federal 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that represents freediving in the Untied States. Donations to Team USA through USAA may be tax deductible as provided by law. Any amount helps us toward our goal and is deeply appreciated.

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Each and every one of us want to thank all of our supporters and everyone that has worked so hard and given their time and money to make this team a reality.

And a special thanks to all the volunteers on the US Freediving board for organizing the team and to John Bullard who made this website possible.

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